California's Heartland: The Central Valley

"A New Day, New Growth"
"Gateway to the Sierras"
"Bravery and Beauty"
"Election Night Colors"
"Running Time"
"Bright Reflection"
"Destination, Up"
"Bright and Light"
"Whenever We Leave The Ground And Take To The Sky"
"Titled: The Morning After"
"Central Valley Silhouettes"
"In Search of That Happy Place"
All Across the Meadows, Many Poppies Blossomed"
"Selma's Bountiful Harvest"
Lost in the Scene
Winter Orchard
"Somewhere After the Storm"
"Fall Vineyard"
"Orchard of Gold"
"Driving Through the San Joaquin"
Delicate Pastels
"Stars and Stripes of the Central Valley"
A Farmer's Garden

Locations in this Album