Human Stories Through Portraits

This album contains professional photo sessions with clients. "In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality." -Alfred Stieglitz

"Ytzel Country"
"Spring Time Dress"
"Ytzel Floral"
"Winter Day in Yosemite"
Dry Creek Clovis Nov 16 146.jpg
Dry Creek Clovis Nov 16 205-2.jpg
Stormy 2
"Cool Tones and Bricks"
Reflection: Love
"Graduation-Nursing II"
"Iconic Meadow"
"How Do I Look?"
Alexis Black and White
Alexis at the Park
"Korean War Army Veteran"
"Vintage Beret Style"
"Classic Glamour"
"Everyday Scene"
"Lavender Color and Laughter"
Black Bricks

Locations in this Album