Human Stories Through Portraits

This album contains professional photo sessions with clients. "In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality." -Alfred Stieglitz

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"Ytzel Blue"
"Ytzel Country"
"Spring Time Dress"
"Ytzel Floral"
"Classic Inspired"
"Happy First Emma"
"Winter Day in Yosemite"
Dry Creek Clovis Nov 16 146.jpg
Dry Creek Clovis Nov 16 205-2.jpg
Stormy 2
"Cool Tones and Bricks"
Reflection: Love
"Mike's View"
"Graduation-Nursing II"
"Iconic Meadow"
"How Do I Look?"
Alexis Black and White
Alexis at the Park
"Daddy's Little Girl"
"Deep in Thought"
"Korean War Army Veteran"
"Vintage Beret Style"
"Classic Glamour"
"Brandon and Daniela"
"Everyday Scene"
"Father and Son"
"An Ariel Adventure"
"Lavender Color and Laughter"
"Life Unscripted"
A Little Break From All The Color
Portrait Mountain View
Black Bricks
Wall of Color
The Dancer Within