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"A Walk With Nature"
"As The Dawn Breaks 2"
"As The Dawn Breaks 3"
"As The Dawn Breaks"
"Painting the City"
"The Pulse of LA"
"Metal in the Midst of Fire"
"The Chill of Winter"
"Mickey's Fun Wheel"
"Flo's V8 Cafe"
"Making an Appearance"
"Whenever We Leave The Ground And Take To The Sky"
"The Best View"
"Fall in Connecticut"
"Into the Woods"
"Boston's Reflection"
"Top of the Rock"
"Marisol's View"
"Selma's Bountiful Harvest"
Cent Coast Sunset Aug 2016 065 JPEG PS.jpg
"Creating Balance"
Cent Coast Sunset Aug 2016 044 JPEG.jpg
"Getting Lost"
"California Dreamscape"
"A Meadow is Never Crowded"
"Yellow & White"
"Downtown Illumination"
"Summer Sunset Over Kaweah"
"When Blue Meets Red"
"Dramatic Edges"
"Learning to Fly
"Clouds Into Waterfalls"
"Under the Mountain"
"Yosemite's Reflection"
"The Grandeur of Yosemite"
"Classic Carapace"
"Spring Time at Pine Flat"
"Dream in Color"
"Finding Purple"
"Golden Reflection"
Blue Nights
Delicate Pastels
"Waiting On The Wind"
"Stars and Stripes of the Central Valley"
Partial View
His First Snow
"Light vs Dark"
Lonely Oak
Paw Print
Los Angeles View from Griffith Observatory
"Urban Light"
Urban Light
"Temple of Nature"
"Yosemite Meadow"
"Reaching for the Light"
"Between Two Giants"
A Farmer's Garden
Spirit of Christmas Past
"Ghost of Christmas Past"